1991-1993 : three years on building a PC integrator chain

PC2000 : PC industry

Building and selling Pcs

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PC 2000 was a business I ran which was focused on importing computer parts from Asia. We built and resell highly afordable PC computers.
The company was firtly based in Avignon--France-- then moved to Cavaillon. I started up to extend the brand throughout a distributors network.
If the early days was really financially efficient, the gross margin dropped significantly with the arrival of asian resellers in France. Therefore I stopped the business and moved forward.

Order preparation in the depot at Cavaillon

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This was the preparation of a networked installation. By the time it was 486 Intel processor-based PC computers, running Windows 3.1 with a Novel Netware 386 Server.

Delivering one of the distributors

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Recruiting new dealers was one of the strategic action to lead in order to enforce the position of the company.

On the right, is a former electronic shop with; his manager wanted to expand his business and revenus so that he signed an exclusive dealer agreement with me: I did provide wholesales, technical support, coaching and training.