1998-1999 : two years on the Nightmare Creatures 2

Kalisto Entertainment : video game industry

Nightmare Creatures 2 : Crowley's back!

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NC2 is a video game developped from early 1998 to year 2000 with a team composed of experienced people, most of them coming from the previous opus team: Nightmare Creature 1.

NC2 is an action­/­beat’em up game designed and developped at Kalisto Entertainment in France for Universal / Konami and released on Sony PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast consoles.

The title is nicely sustained by Rob Zombie's action songs.

Featuring Adam Crownley, the Scientist who wants to take over the world. Will Wallace defeat the Great Bad finally?

What is a milestone?

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You certainly are a player; and possibly are one out of the 2 million people around the world who's alrea y played NC2… But did you ask yourself what it has cost to the team in term of efforts ? Hard work, days and nights for your own fun! That's entertainment.

I let you look at some milestones moments: Joking is always something we used to decrease the stress leve cumulated over the days before the release of the milestone…

The result of such an effort is the CD set in a jewel box unroll the story and enjoy the game...

Team at work at various stages of development

Some PlayStation Screen Shots

Nightmare Creatures 2: the videos of the game

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Enjoy all those video from the game we made!

The hospital

The Circle

The Castle


The Museum

Le Père Lachaise

The Catacombs

The Eiffel Tower

The End