1990-2024 : 35 years of professional product and technology design as well as leadership and team management


Leadership Management Financing Product strategy Product marketing Product design Software Developement System architecture iOS Java Swift C C++ C# Javascript TypeScript Angular Realtime 3D NodeJs Arduino Assembly PHP SQL mySQL noSQL Azure AWS Pascal Fortran Video game

VP Products/CTO

Apps / Web / Wireless

Drive the technology path of an innovative company focusing on advanced subjects, ideally on a brand new consumer product segment.


OSEO expert, I am also Executive Committee Member of the ANR (National Research Agency) advanced research funding national organisation, as well as Executive Committee Member of the RIAM which supports research & development projects through joint CNC and OSEO financial support.

Since 2014, I am the Chief Product Officer and CTO of ZEENS/Presstalis — the digital subsidiary of Presstalis— working on mobile-to-store and digital newsstand which includes social networking and bringing innovative BM to the press industry (50 % discount on mags) + in-store purchase of journals & show tickets in partnership with Ville de Paris, JCDecaux, Mediakiosk, FNAC/France Billet, Logista and Presstalis) after having worked on a brand new B2C digital press service that exposes all journals and magazines published in France since 1947 via an all-you-can-eat subscription-based model on iPad (from 2014 to 2016).

Before and for about 4 years, I was the VP Products & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) where I created the first 3D newsstand in the World! This revolutionary product immediately skyrocketed as #1 grossing app in Apple App Store in France with more than 800K users (more : the first 3D newsstand in the world)

Before and for 3 yearsd, I was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MobiLuck.com which is focused on geolocalized social network for mobile phones. This LBS friends finder service displays 35M pages/month and has attracted more than 1.2M users (Q2 2009) since its launch in August 2007 and currently recruits an average of 5K users per day as per the current trend and we see our traffic doubling every quarter! Our technology is carrier-independant and the service works worldwide as it is available in more than 10 languages.
MobiLuck Traffic by may 2009: 35M pages/month and 1.2M users

Before and for about 4 years, I was the In-Fusio/MobileScope's Advanced Technology Manager where I created a mobile phone massive cross-platform multi-player technology and service for the Group and designed and developped a Google Earth-like technology for UMTS and HSDPA mobile phones for Orange.

Before, I've been in the video game industry for 10 years where I successively developed titles, created and sold realtime 3D technologies and, finally, took in charge one of the business unit of Kalisto Entertainment to handle two 4M€-budget games.


(10 years)
ZEENS Presstalis, France — digital magazines newsstand — 1500 people
Chief Product Officer & Chief Technical Officer (CTO) — Member of the board, in charge of technology and product roadmap:
  • Designer and product manager of the first 3D newsstand in the world available for the iPad and iOS devices;
  • Setup and day-to-day management of the R&D/production subsidiary in Tangier, Morocco (20 fulltime engineers)
  • closing technology partenerships
  • HR and talent hunting;
  • Building and monitoring of budgets and reporting to the General Management;
  • Reporting roadmap progress to the board of directors;
  • Management of outsouring (including offshore) and external resources, writing contracts;
  • Design and creation of iOS and Android apps and Azure cloud-based brand new platform.
(4 years)
LeKiosque.fr, France — digital magazines newsstand — 35 people
Chief Technical Officer (CTO) & VP products — Member of the board, in charge of technology and product roadmap:
  • Designer and product manager of the first 3D newsstand in the world available for the iPad and iOS devices;
  • Setup and day-to-day management of the R&D/production subsidiary in Tangier, Morocco (20 fulltime engineers)
  • closing technology partenerships
  • HR and looking for talented people;
  • Looking for financial aids thru government and european financing vehicles;
  • Management of outsouring (including offshore) and external resources, writing contracts;
  • Addressing platform scalability by migrating to the cloud (storage and CPU).
(2 years)
Mimesis Republic, France — social network - 3D MMO — 70 people
Acting as Senior Production Manager (COO) — 5-month freelance mission as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at mimesis republic in order to industrialize the production of the service, which step was required to raise €5M.
I've installed a SCRUM-based agile methodology and stopped fuzzy management and clarified managers' roles. I've implemented a streamlined decision making process and restructured some departments and installed a simplified product roadmap strategy.
(3 years)
Mobiluck, France — Mobile phones and Services - Mososo — 20 people
Chief Technology OfficerMobiluck: Closer to my friends. Launch of a mobile service focused on geolocalization and social networking. Users are geolocalized automatically so that they benefit from advanced features such as find the nearest indian restaurant or meet handsome people close to them. Users receive SMS alerts when their friends come close. Traffic is currently 35M pages/month with 10% monthly increase with more than 1.2M users worldwide (Q2 2009). The business model relies on ad distribution based on users' profile and localization. Premium accoutns are currently being developed. Development of an iPhone app.
Technical environment:
  • Architecture and administration of a Linux cluster (Debian, Gentoo),
  • Server-side development in LAMP : Linux, Apache, mySQL et PHP
  • CLient-side development in xHTML and xHTML Mobile
  • iPhone development in Objective-C/Cocoa: geolocalisation API, networking and communication with the back-office
  • Facebook app development: enable facebook user to run mobiluck from within Facebook
  • Many third-party interfacing through web services: Twitter, Yahoo!, Google, Maporama, SMS brokers, advertising agency, geomapping, etc.
(2 years)
Freelance, France — Mobile phones and Services - International Environment — 1 people
Free-lance Consultant — Publisher of mobilezoo.biz and Consultant for M&A operations.
Provide help and advisory to companies facing changes in their business and/or for the sake of mergers & acquisition operations as a free-lance consultant.
(1 years)
Mobilescope (In-Fusio SA), France — Mobile phones and Services - International Environment — 200 people
Advanced Technology Manager — Mobilescope is a commercial split from In-Fusio.
In charge of the advanced technology, create and develop cutting edge technology for the mobile industrie (client and server side) and prototypes that prove them, white papers, product definition, API & marketing requirements, consulting.
2006 — Design et development of an interactive 3D video streaming technology based on satellite-based hires photographs (Google Earth™-like) for UMTS and HSDPA.
(3 years)
In-Fusio SA, France — Mobile phones and Video games - International Environment — 200 people
Advanced Technology Manager — White papers, product definition, API & marketing requirements for advanced technologies.
2005 — Design and development of Project X the massively multiplayer online (MMO) technology and hardware accelerated 3D for wireless gaming over UMTS/2G networks (Clients et servers). (See press release) (2005)
Consultant and Technology Project Manager (2003—2004)
(5 years)
Kalisto Entertainment SA, France — Video games and hi-tech - International Environment — 350 people
Business Unit Manager — Management of 30 to 50 people - 3 to 4 M€ (26MF) budget per products. (See Nightmare Creatures 3) (2000—2002)
Technology Sales Manager — 3M€ (20MF) sales (See Press release) (1999)
In-House Consultant Manager — Put technical development back on its feet. Reschedule technology. Propose and adopt solid plan to complete development. Team coaching. (See Nightmare Creatures 2) (1998—1999)
(5 years)
Virtual Studio SA, France — Video games and hi-tech - International Environment — 100 people
Project Director — Budget: 1M€(6MF) - Namco Ltd / Japon (See Commando) (1997—1998)
Consultant — Mission consulting - Canal + Multimedia / France (1998—1998)
CTO & project manager — US$1,4 M / 20 people - GT Interactive / US (See Angel Quest) (1996—1997)
CTO & project manager — US$1M / 31 people - American Softworks Corp./US & Electronic Arts/Europe (See STORM) (1994—1996)
Groupe Athéna / GPA Assurances SA, Avignon, France — Insurance — 2000 people
Sales representative / Enterprise — Sales - Insurance dedicated to middle/small businesses
dse, Cavaillon — Software development — 5 people
Consultant and free lance developer — Company founder & CEO, Cavaillon, France - Development of networked application for PC for small companies (C++/DBMS Paradox for DOS & Windows)
Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) - DCN/SDET/CERTSM, arsenal de Toulon — Contingent Scientifique — 50 people
Research engineer — Failure diagnostic software for nuclear submarines (SNA/SNLE) (Macintosh and engine simulation interop)
(2 years)
PCSoft SA, Montpellier — Software development — 50 people
Project manager and Software Engineer / High Screen 5High Screen 5 : Development of tools dedicated to application developers:
  • HSMAQ : tools for Rapid Application Development.
  • HSGen : source code generator for HSMAQ (Basic, C, Fortran, Cobol, etc.)
(See PCSoft)


In 1989
(6 months)
Direction Générale de l'Armement DGA DCN/CERTSM, arsenal de Toulon, France
R&D Software Engineer — Modeling of the behaviour of actual underwater wired-on torpedoes used in nuclear attack submarines (SNA/SNLE), — Development of the related non-linear finite-element application using FORTRAN 77 & C in conjunction of ABAQUS and EUCLID/IS (VAX VMS)
In 1987
(6 months)
CNRS, Saint-Etienne, France
R&D Software Engineer — Development of a EUCLID/IS application used to set and compute mechanicals constraints on top of an automatic 3D meshing application - CAO/CFAO (FORTRAN 77/IBM)
In 1986
(6 months)
EADS, MatraDatavision, Les Ulis, France
R&D Software Engineer — R&D Software Engineer Development of an application dedicated to optimizing metal cut nesting for EUCLID/IS - CAO/CFAO (FORTRAN 77/VAX 8800)
Stéphane de Luca


Stéphane de Luca
75 000 Paris France
90 000 Tangier Morocco
France:(+33) 06 13 51 09 66
Morocco:(+212) 06 91 28 74 90‬

WebSite : stephanedeluca.com
Skype : stephanedeluca
Twitter : @stephanedeluca
LinkedIn : Stéphane de Luca
StackOverflow : Stéphane de Luca

  • French
  • Located both at Paris (France) and Tangier (Maroc)
  • French, native language
  • English, fluent


" Stéphane stands out through his wide ranging knowledge and development skills. He combines a unique entrepreneurial attitude to getting things done within the organisation with the techhical ability to translate complex and speculative concepts into polished demonstrable products. I saw this happen on three projects (3D engine, more impressively still a massively multiplayer infrastructure and lately mobilezoo) during which I had the pleasure of working with Stephane. A definite recommendation."
January 4, 2007
Giles Corbett, co-CEO, In-Fusio
managed Stéphane indirectly at IN-FUSIO

"Stephane brings a lot of knowledge and a real ability to push forward projects while understanding and even promoting the business impacts of the projects he was working on."
August 27, 2006
Thomas Landspurg, CTO, In-Fusio
managed Stéphane at IN-FUSIO

"Few years ago, I hired Stephane de Luca as a project manager. Then he became a chief of a technical department. After that, he helped to rescue a 6M€ project. He redefined the product problematic. He reorganized the tech team and put the technology side back on track. He personally helped to coach important team leaders. He impressed me with his skills in communication, leadership and technology."
January 5, 2007
Daniel Cohen, COO, Kalisto Ent.
hired Stéphane as a technical in 1999

"I have worked with Sdl for long. He is a great world-class technical manager with an entrepreneurial mind. Pragmatic, and rational, he led large interactive projects to success by proposing and executing innovative management methods. I everyday measure the acuity of his advanced vision and management style which I still haven't found the equivalent in today's other projects.” March 31, 2006"

Stephane Le Dorze, Technical Director of Heroes BU, kalisto
reported to Stéphane at Kalisto


2007 — Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP): Passed Microsoft Professional Certification for .NET, C# et Visual Studio .NET (Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET nd Microsoft Visual Studio .NET).
2004 — Orange Conference: Speaker at Orange's Code Camp Event "3D on Java and J2ME" at Futuroscope, France.
2000 — Chicago University, Barcelona, Spain: Strategic Sales Management.
1993 — GPA Assurances, Marseille, France: Sales school dedicate to insurance products of the Athena/LLoyds Group.
1990 — ENISE, Saint-Etienne, France: Engineer in mechanics & production
1990 — École Centrale, Lyon, France: Advanced Study (DEA) in Physics
1989 — Digital Equipment Corp, Toulon, France: Intensive courses of administrator on Dec Vax VMS (Cluster 750 + Microvax 3200 + 3600)
1985 — Lycée Girard, Avignon, France: Baccalauréat E, mathematics