1998 and 2005: Porting my game engine from PlayStation to PC

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During the development of Commando and the one week demo of Asterix for Infogrames Entertainment, back in 1997, I spent one weekends and over the night work sessions to port the game engine to the PC.

WarStation™: First port, en route to Windows

I started with a port to Windows in C and DirectX, converting all the PlayStations libs (including sodlib, libGPU, etc.) and achieved the port in late 1998.

I ran Commando with no issue with great speed performances.

WarStation SdlImage: Second port, en route to Java

Seven years later, I ported the whole game engine to Java J2ME and succeeded to run it on the iMac Power PC and the Macbook 12” at incredible high performances performance.

I dropped DirectX of course, and ported the 3D code to openGL.

And during the July 2005 summer holiday I’ve had completed the port and ran the Asterix demo I wrote 8 years before for the PlayStation.

This demo became one of the unit test for my SdlImage™ video game visual booster technology.

Look at the following screen shots of Asterix/Java: