INFINITE: digital access to everything published since 1947

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All the French press since 1947 at your fingertips!

Infinite… That’s the code name we gave to the brand new project we are about to publish on Apple iPad platform by June 2016.

The idea behind INFINITE is to give access to the Apple iPad users to everything the press have published in France since 1947, including daily and magazines!

This service exposes an all-you-can-eat subscription-based model, in two flavours: luxury and professionals. While the luxury subscription is open to everyone for a mere €19.90/month, the professional subscription is dedicated to journalist, publishers, archivist and other professionals acting in the press industry. The price is €29.90/month and includes specific tools.

More than 3500 journals and magazines and 2M journal issues at your fingertips

That leads to more than 2M journal issues and billions of articles.

Exploring space

It is important that such a product gives fun to the users. Therefore we created “The Wall” as the reference screen to access to this universe.

The Wall is capable of exposing more than 2M journal issues on a mere iPad screen, thanks to the innovative maps-like pyramidal tiling system, and to let user both scroll the time line and expand a specific point in time by pinching in.

Exploring time

The second main way to find useful content is to explore the time line: You can restrict the time line by adjusting the two thumbs ”from" and ”to”, then horizontally scroll the content.

The timeline exposes universal event at the top of the screen, such a for example Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon in 1969. But users are encouraged to add their own events, being personal or whatever they find it useful to better grasp the time. Those events can be shared to others whenever that makes sense.

Scaling the time is available through the pinch gesture: pinching in make it possible to better refine a point in time while pinching out make it possible to run though time in accelerated fashion.

For better focus on specific subjects, the users can add specific tags to filter results in realtime.

Explicit searching

The third main way to find useful content is the explicit searching bar. Like any search engine, you simply type in you request and results come in handy with the horizontal time line browsing.

That’s a partnership with Presstalis, the French press publishers and Apple.