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Since the begging, our main and only target was the iPad. Though we're doing well on the tablet, the addressable market is way smaller than the iPhone market. There's no reasons why we shouldn't address the smartphones.

We need one app and support both iPad and iPhone.

Smaller, it changes all

It's no question to simply scale down the app views, including the 3D newsstand view. Your fingers are not going to make it to tap accurately the magazines. Nor your eyes are going to aim at them comfortably.

Change everything, but keep it as it is!

Yes. A bit mind twisting!

The requirements: The 3D must stand. The mags must be big enough to taped and watched comfortably. And we must show as many as magazines as we can.

Ok. The solution: we keep the 3D Model, but derives a special version for the iPhone that sports only one row of mags. And to display more than the screen can contains, we make it scrolling, within the shelter of the newsstand.

One more thing…

Oh, by the way. We now support portrait mode for both iPhone and iPad (iPad version below).