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Gamification is essential

3D makes things exciting for the user as it introduces fun in a serious app. Though gamification is an essential part of my action, it's clear though that we need a more traditional way to propose the user for exploring our ever growing stock of publications.

Introducing the 2D newsstand

Since version 1.8 dated August 2011, I introduced a brand new 2D view of the newsstand, as part of the experience.
2D brings effectiveness where 3D brought engagement. Does this means I dropped gamification in the process? No.
HTML5 along with WebKit capabilities, offered me a way to propose a mixture of 2D and 3D as you can see below:

The top of the view is still a full-fledge 3D view, propelled to the screen by the GPU directly, giving the user the direct access to a given category, while, below, features a more classical mosaic which displays all the magazines available for the given category.

Hope you enjoy.