Marychard™ Technology for iPhone®: 3D and networking

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Marychard™ Technology is a all-in-one hi-performance set of tools and runtime code dedicated to the iPhone® and iPod® devices.

Written in Objective-C 2.0 for Cocoa, the technology is made of the following components:
— a runtime environment ;
— a set of tools to produce highly-optimised data for the iPhone®.

Runtime libraries

Runtime libraries are made of 3 different components that can be used separatedly or in concert:
— hi-performance rendering of complex 3D objects and animations ;
— physics engine: it integrates physics model over time in realtime so that you can simulate rolling balls or whatever you want, linked to the iPhone® sensors such as accelerometers ;
— game engine: it maintains actors lifecycle thru your game session ;
— multiplayer engine and protocol : with SDLTP 2.0 — the TCP-based protocol dedicated to MMO games and persistent environement — you can develop any simple or advanced multiplayer games you might think of., including MMOs. The server side is developped in Java J2SE as a set of distributed modules that cooperate to handle high-loads.

Production tools: SdlImage® TEN

Thru the new version TEN of the long-lived SdlImage™ technology, Marychard performs the following set of operations:
— imports Collada files and generate iPhone® optimized runtime data files to be displayed on the device, still handling objects hierarchy and animation ;
— optimizes and boosts your set of textures to make your 3D realtime visual much better than you never seen before, without extra work!

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