USS S.T.O.R.M description

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  • Dimensions: Height: 10”, Length: 30”
  • Power Plant: Magnetic Hydro-Dynamic Propulsion
  • Maximum speed: 30 knots

S.T.O.R.M. can carry 3 aquanauts. It has multiple weapons, and an R.O.V. drone submersible.

Weapons Description

Listed by destructive power from lowest output to maximum destructive power.

(a) Laser beam.

10 KiloJoule pulsed laser. Extremely responsive, the laser shoots forward.
(b) Neutron beam.

The unidirectional beam shoots forward like the laser. It has a 10 TeraJoule output, and can annihilate most objects quickly and effectively.
(c) Dual Plasma beams

Two cannons permit you to shoot both upwards and downwards simultaneously.
(d) Torpedoes.

Self powered, they have highly destructive power and long range.

(e) Photon bombs.

They are tactical weapons due to a limited area of use. But they are the most powerful of S.T.O.R.M. weapons.