Looking for Praxillium

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By the year 2055, an ever increasing population has almost depleted Earth's natura resources. Widely used fossil fuel and nuclear products has resulted in an extremel polluted environment due to Global greed and apathy dealing with nuclear waste. Nation have accused one another of plundering the Earth. Tensions are at breaking points an drastic actions have been taken by those in power.

In a desperate, last ditch effort to find a solution, the world nations have given the Bureau of Advanced Energy Research (B.A.E.R.) the task of finding another source of energy. Using special satellites to probe the Earth's depths for energy sources, a startling discovery is made. There appears to exist a rare mineral capable of supplying vast amounts of energy. It is coined PRAXILLIUM after Doctor Gustav Praxis, the inventor of the satellite energy sensor.

Praxillium is an extremely rare mineral. Found only underwater, it has the fissionable characteristics of Uranium, without any radioactive waste. The first source of Praxillium is discovered underwater at about 400 miles south-east from Newfoundland.

B.A.E.R. immediately sets up an underwater drilling site 5 miles beneath the North Atlantic to extract the Praxillium. Not long after the first Praxillium site had been established, an unexpected undersea explosion occurs. All contact with the drill site has been lost.

You, the player, are ex-SEAL Andy Steele. You have been hired by BAER to lead an expedition to investigate. No human has ever traveled these depths. An experimental military submersible code named S.T.O.R.M., which stands for Submersible Tactical Operational Reconnaissance Module has been commissioned. Your mission is to get to the drill site and find out what has happened. Be careful! The mission will be extremely dangerous.

Because of the value of the Praxillium, there will likely be other parties interested in acquiring it. You should expect B.A.E.R.'s arch rival, the N.E.O. (Nuclear Energy Office), to be determined to beat you to the answer. They have in fact hired a team of ex-military mercenaries who will try to stop you.

You will select two crew members to join you on this mission. And there's no one else but you and S.T.O.R.M. to find out what happened, get the Praxillium production going, and save the earth. Be prepared to discover many intriguing secrets spoken of only in legends.