My Pilot License is Taking Off!

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My first lesson of piloting was great! I could pilot the plane -- a ROBIN DR400 120 -- myself during the flight -- huhuhu, though I did not land the plane nor took it off...
Preparing for take off

I could make a tour on top of Saint-Émilion and Libourne, at around 1,500 feet. The lesson took place at Les Artigues de Lussac -- next to Libourne.
Taking off... yahoooooooooooo!

My instructor gave me the handle, without any advice... It was a little bit stressy. But the plane actually is very handy. I could roll, pitch and yaw. I must say that the roll is very impressive... you feel like falling in the air.

My instructor landed the plane and, once on the track, I drove the plane back to the parking, using for the first time the swing bar... That's not that easy to stay on the line, but after one minute, I could park the plane.
Mélody and Cathy -- who took the photographs -- was of course my passengers...
A top view of Saint-Émilion

I am really impatient to start again!