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1 Dec. 15th, 2011
LEKIOSQUE.FR: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 lekiosque newsstand kiosk mobile iphone ipad social network news magazine
2 Jan. 2nd, 2012

Jan. 2nd, 2012

iPhone lekiosque lekiosk newsstand

iPhone lekiosque lekiosk newsstand
3 Nov. 11th, 2011
LEKIOSQUE.FR: WOW EFFECT & SIMPLICITY PAY OFF — WORLDWIDE FIRST 3D NEWSSTAND STICKS AS THE #1 GROSSING APP lekiosque newsstand kiosk mobile iphone ipad social network news magazine
4 May 20th, 2012
LEKIOSQUE.FR: WELCOME UNITED KINGDOM lekiosque lekiosk lekiosque.fr newsstand UK international
5 Aug. 19th, 2011
LEKIOSQUE.FR: INTRODUCING 2D NEWSSTAND lekiosque lekiosk lekiosque.fr newsstand iPad HTML5
6 Dec. 31st, 2012
LEKIOSQUE.FR: THE MISSING XMAS 2012 lekiosque lekiosk lekiosque.fr newsstand xmas 2012
7 Dec. 15th, 2010
LEKIOSQUE.FR: WORLDWIDE FIRST 3D NEWSSTAND lekiosque newsstand kiosk mobile iphone ipad social network news magazine
8 Mar. 10th, 2016
INFINITE: digital access to everything published since 1947

Mar. 10th, 2016

ZEENS INFINITE Newsstand Digital Press iPad Apple

ZEENS INFINITE Newsstand Digital Press iPad Apple
9 Oct. 23rd, 2012
LEKIOSQUE.FR: CIAO ITALIA ! lekiosque lekiosk lekiosque.fr newsstand italy international
10 Dec. 15th, 2010
LEKIOSQUE.FR: LE PREMIER KIOSQUE 3D AU MONDE ! lekiosque newsstand kiosque mobile iphone ipad social network news magazine
11 Nov. 22nd, 2010
SantaJobs 2010: once again… AppStore iPhone Apple SantaJobs Santa-Claus drPpouille.com
12 Sept. 15th, 2014
Non « madame GUESS », une montre ne sert pas à donner l‘heure.

Sept. 15th, 2014

Apple watch iWatch Guess

Apple watch iWatch Guess

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