Marychard™ Technology for iOS®: #Swift4.2 and #AR

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Marychard™ Technology is the all-in-one hi-performance framework that’s on the market for 9 year now.
Has many key technologies have been around recently, Marychard have been now rewritten in Swift and support augmented reality and Metal 2!

Technical specifications

Marychard v2 is now in beta-test as per October 2018:

* (re)written in Swift 4.2 for iOS12;
  • supports Metal 2;
  • a set of tools to produce highly-optimised data for iOS.
  • hi-performance rendering of complex 3D objects and animations ;
  • physics engine: it integrates physics model over time in realtime so that you can simulate rolling balls or whatever you want, linked to the iPhone® sensors such as accelerometers ;
  • game engine: it maintains actors lifecycle thru your game session ;
  • multiplayer engine and protocol : with SDLTP 2.0 — the TCP-based protocol dedicated to MMO games and persistent environement — you can develop any simple or advanced multiplayer games you might think of, including MMOs. The server side is developped in Java J2SE as a set of distributed modules that cooperate to handle high-loads.

Production tools: SdlImage® TEN

Thru the version TEN of the long-living SdlImage™ technology, Marychard performs the following set of operations:

  • imports Collada files and generate iPhone® optimized runtime data files to be displayed on the device, still handling objects hierarchy and animation ;
  • optimizes and boosts your set of textures to make your 3D realtime visual much better than you never seen before, without extra work!

Keep posted for preview screens…