Nietzsche told us, or the raise and the fall of the digital skeumorphism paradigm

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Skeumorphic approach to digital user interface was Steve Jobs' favorite direction, though rising passionated debates at Apple, internally.

Spiritual Jobs' son, Scott Forstall, continued in this direction after the death of Jobs, but his most prominent contradictor was Jonathan Ive, who, eventually, took over Scott's responsabilities making Scott resigning from Apple.

We now see the first public evidence of the reorientation to the Ive's take on flat design originally initiated by Microsoft Windows 8 Modern UI approach to user interface ringing the knell of digital skeumorphism.

See how Apple Podcasts application on iOS just droped it's skuemorphic skin:

1 Legend : on the left, new flat design, on the right, former skeumorphic design

Bye bye idealism, welcome nihilism: Nietzsche told us about all this, long ago.

Digital world is eaten by physical world: impossibility now becomes impossible. Even there.