What do I need 500Gb for in my laptop or why being geek does not pay

Dec. 4th, 2008 15:39 by Stéphane de LucaPermalink | TrackBack: https://stephanedeluca.com/trackback/846 — exists for 15 years & 4 months ago

Just curious.

Why and what my hard drive space is currently used by.

I recently upgraded my laptop and stuffed my MacBook with is 500Gb brand new hard disk drive.

Once everything moved from the former disk, I am only 167Gb of free space!

So what my 300+Gb of information are used for?

Ok, ok, I have:
- 70Gb of iTunes stuffs (music, movies, etc.)
- 6Gb that holds my 60K+ photographs in Aperture
- 40Gb used by iMovie HD to store my own movies.

But it still misses 180Gb.

Ok, ok, I'm a geek, I mean a real one, programming almost 100% of my life, night and day. So is it possible my source code fills this up???

I prove it.

- Take a standard but fast-typing professional typist who can achieve 45 words/min.
- Say that is me -- allas, I'm not that fast I'm afraid...
- Say I am able to work night and day, 365 days a year -- allas, that's pretty much me :D
- Say I use an simple, back-to-the-roots, old-early-loving-days editor -- that's mean you only got what you typed on your disk, not that tons of crappy microsofty-bin-stuff trash

How much I can fill my disk with for my long life -- say I will be there 120 years after I'm born. Don't laugh, my grand mother as already 94, and she's pretty well!

- 45 * 6 = 270 bytes / min -- yeah, I use UTF-8 encoding, typing in english and french assuming a 6-char word length average
- 1440*270 = 388800 bytes / day, that is 388,8 kb
- 365*388.8 = 141.912 Mb / year
- 120*141.912 = 17.03Gb

Ok then. During my looong life I will be able to fill only 17Gb of disk space! So what do I need 500Gb??????

PS: As I'm on it, how much my typing is worth?

Say I'm hired for a constant 120k$ a year -- yeah, that's nice, thank you.

Every single byte I write worths : 120/141,912 = 0.08 cents.

Mmmm. I should make something else for my living... writing songs?!