And you think your site has a chance to be indexed in with a decent rank?

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You certainly have been successful in indexing your site on

As a consequence, you think that when the search engine bot reads your site pages, it indexes it accordingly. And that's right.

But if you anyone can quickly find your site when he googles for related words, you're probably wrong.

These days, there are zillions of sites currently indexed, and it is common to have thousounds of related site found by google when you type in common names.

Therefore, how can google know that your site is more relevant for a given set of words, than an other one?

And that is the key questions.

All search engine have developped complex algorithms to answer the question. And then, sort sites accordingly.

What characteristics SE use for building your rank:
- the number of link that links to your site.
- the list of words on a given page and their rarity or most precisely, their attrackness at the moment
- the number of pages your site has

So how is the chance for your site to be in the first page. I would say very little. And here is why:

- Your site counts few link to it, surely less than 100.
- It has a in ecces of 100 pages or mybe 2 or 3 hundreds pages
- You speak about some topics, it's specialied.

So what do some site for being so higly ranked? You'll tell me yo'ure gonna write tons of article, ask your friends to link to your site, and you'll make it...

Fool you are... Have you ever heard about cloaking? Or SEO aka Search Engine Optimization?

The first place to look at is... crawlers. You know, this little spice of softare that automatically browse your site every now and then, colelcting the content or your pages.

What if you were serving special content to this bot so that you let it know that you have thousands pages on valuable content?

Here we are: Cloaking...

Many web sites are presenting a different content to search engine bots than to human browsing.

They do that in order to optimize their index rank, using one of the most famous SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technics. Some are creating thousounds of page, on-demand with kilobytes of highly ranked words and expressions.

Others "simply" hide text taking advantage of the intrecasie of HTML. And for example, a company A includes many references of its competirors product name...

That's not fair.

What to do then?

As you certainly don't cloak, you need a tool to control your competitor site.

I wrote this tool, and I let you use it ffreely. It's

This unique service lets you to browse your competitor's Web page or any Web site by taking the identity of one of your favorite search engine.

This way, you become ubiquitous. And you discover this hidden world above suspicion...

Go ahead.