A 3-CD-set Game

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The game features about 1 hour and a half of video, plus 13 sound tracks.
The game won the Fiction prize of the World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Antibes, France, in 1996.
As I don't have a numeric version of the movie, the following is an attempt to reconstitute it by taking snap shots from the game:



Arrival on departure site:

Arrival at HP1: the first underwater station

Getting to the broken drill head

Arrived at HP5 underwater station:


A Monacus…

…is causing an the accident:

Need to explore with STORM through the passage:

Discovering Atlantis and Mikonos

The probe detects unknown life:


Meeting Atlantis:

Ennemies are coming:

Atlantis history explained:

Medusa attacks:

Mikonos lose:

Mikonos wins:

Game Over